Murai Yosiyuki

Mr. Yoshiyuki Murai is the Director of QZSS Promotion Office, NEC Corporation.
He received an MS in engineering in 1983, and joined NEC Corporation at the same year.
He started his career at Aero-space engineering department in NEC.
From 2001, he was engaged in the space and space related business, and he was appointed the Director of QZSS Promotion Office of NEC.


Пленарная сессия: «Глобальное навигационное пространство»
«Обзор проекта Квазизенитная Спутниковая Система (КЗСС)»
In Japan, the QZSS, Quazi-zenith Satellite System project has started from 2012.
Many countries are developing and establishing satellite positioning systems. However, unlike the systems of other countries, Quasi-Zenith Satellite System, QZSS, transmits the same signals as GPS.
Accordingly, QZSS and GPS can be utilized as a single group of satellites.
For this reason, stable positioning is made possible, and highly precise location information can be obtained.
In this report, project overview and recent topics are described.